April 12, 2022:  SAVE THE FARMLAND rally, Kemptville Campus.  Visit Visit Instagram to view the rally and read the Media Release to learn more.

November 13, 2021: NO PRISON rally at the site of the proposed Kemptville prison. Visit YouTube to listen to the concerned citizens who spoke at the rally. 
 October 15, 2021: NO PRISON rally at MPP Steve Clark's constituency office in Brockville. Visit YouTube or Instagram to view.

September 14, 2021: NO PRISON protest outside municipality’s strategic planning session.
 June 23, Feb 2, 2021 & Dec 8, 2020: CAPP public information sessions.  Visit Facebook (June 23);
YouTube (Feb 2 and Dec 8) to view.
 June 22, 2021: CAPP/JOG joint delegation, North Grenville Municipal Council meeting. Visit YouTube to view.
 May 13, 2021:  CAPP/JOG joint Community Action Event.   

 Mar 23, 2021: Multiple resident delegations, North Grenville Municipal Council meeting. Visit YouTube to view.
 See CAPP's YouTube videos: Why the Ford/Clark prison is a bad idea, and 
The Voices of Kemptville
 June 14, 2021:  Information flyer mailed to over 6400 residents & businesses in Kemptville & area


CAPP requested from each of the provincial parties, their respective positions on the proposed Kemptville prison:
Ontario PC Party:  no response received to date
Ontario Liberal Party:  Press release, Mar 11, 2022
Ontario NDPNDP opposed to P3’s and paving over farmland (see Platform, pages 39 and 79 / slides 41 and 81)
Ontario Green PartyPress release, Apr 18, 2022

Ottawa and provincial media coverage

Local media coverage

Editorials and letters to the editor

See below for a complete list of news articles, opinion editorials and letters to the editor


Toronto Star,  Nov 8, 2021 : Queen's Park Briefing
Toronto Star, Oct 25, 2021:  Elections Ontario asked to divulge MPP complaints that could muzzle community groups
Toronto Star, Oct 17, 2021:  Minister in Doug Ford’s government accused of using controversial new law to try to ‘silence’ grassroots groups

Special Feature:  CAPP REVIEWS



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